The Whistlin’ Willow


Do you know that girl you see from a distance and you’re instantly catching yourself admiring how radiant she is? And then at the same time you automatically don’t even like her because of how beautiful she is? Yeah me neither; never felt that way in my life.

Except this one time I was doing an event with The Black Daisy and I see this tiny and gorgeous girl walk by. She was wearing bell bottoms and a big floppy hat with free-spirited boho jewelry and I thought to myself; yassss girl! It’s not every day you find someone who has a wild spirit fashion sense in this town so I was immediately drawn to her.

I walked over to her booth and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And then for half a second I almost got intimidated but I remembered I’m a G and G’s are thugs. And thugs don’t get intimidated. Throughout the last couple of years I can confidently say that Becca is one of the most beautiful women I know inside and out. Here’s some of her beautiful mind at work.

Why did you choose your boutique name and what does it mean to you?

The Willow tree is a very strong, fast-growing tree. It can withstand many conditions. Within a matter of time, it is fully grown and beautiful standing tall in the world. It goes with the flow of the wind. I like to think of our mission as a brand is to empower each other and build each other up to withstand any obstacle thrown our way. Standing tall, growing quickly and being confident in who we are.

What is your purpose as a business owner?

I love seeing ladies stepping out of their comfort zones and being confident while doing it. I have so many ladies who are “too old,” “too fat,” “too pale,” (the list could go on forever) to wear what they want. Scared to even try something on because someone may see an imperfection in them. I’m here to build your confidence in trying something new. Even if you don’t like, you at least tried.

What is the biggest misconception customers have about you as a boutique owner?

Customers forget that I work with all shapes and sizes. They think that because I am a 25-year-old size 2 that I can’t help. I’ve heard all the excuses as to why they can’t shop with me without them actually trying. This makes ladies trusting me to dress them all the more special to me.

When you hear the words “empowering women” what does that mean to you? And do you feel you play a role in it? 

Empowering women means showing them that they are more than the thoughts they may have about themselves. They are not their imperfections. They are not their stretch marks, big hips, or even their “flabby” arms. Letting those thoughts consume you is exhausting, and not everyone is going to see you the way you do. I’m here to remind them of that. I’m here to remind them that they are not their thoughts. Shopping should be fun.

Become part of The Whistlin’ Willow’s Clique:




You can visit them at:

222 North Main

West, Texas 76691


Becca; thank you for being my go to vent sister and saying yes to this crazy blogging adventure. I admire you more than you know!

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