Girl Gang

Girl Gang
Community over competition.

The words girl gang resonates something in me that makes me want to shout, “You Can’t Sit With Us!”  It’s no secret that being a mean girl was something I was really good at.  A few years ago I received a private message from someone I was not very nice to in High School and they were very blunt.  They said that it was really hard for them to watch me grow into this happy successful person because I was such a horrible person in my teenage years.  I cried as I read that because I never realized how deeply being unkind to someone over 20 years ago affected their self-image.  That was a pivotal moment in my life where I decided that being a mean girl was not what I was made for.  I was made for so much more.

When I began my business as the owner of The Black Daisy Boutique I knew that I wanted it to be different from anything I’ve ever done before.  Little did I know that God would turn my business venture into my ministry.  I love finding rad fashion for our customers but most importantly I love building relationships with people who walk through my door.  From very early on I set out to empower women through my boutique.  I had no idea what that even meant or how I would set out to do that but I knew that I had just walked into my purpose.

I so deeply wanted to write about other boutique owners and their stories.  Who they are and why they are.  I had a crazy idea to have a photo shoot with other owners local to me here in Waco, Texas.  Why would a boutique owner take away focus from her own boutique to talk about other boutiques?  Because that’s what empowering women looks like to me.  In my mind it was so uncomfortable for me to ask other boutique owners if they would be willing to be featured in my non-existent blog.  I am not a woman who shies away or gets uncomfortable.  I am a I GOT THIS woman with a fierce drive.  Still I thought, why would anyone ever say yes? When I reached out to some of my favorite boss babes they chest bumped me and made up rap songs about how gangster my idea was.  Totally not true, but it sounded cool huh?

I am thrilled to share their stories and businesses with you.  I want to hold other women on a pedestal because this isn’t about me.  This should never be about me.  This is about the beautiful warriors that surround me and have made something out of nothing.  Have made their own YES when the world has said NO.  Stay tuned for a series of boutique owners that I admire and that are total bad a** boss babes.

I dream of a world where community supersedes competition.  Where women thrive together, hand in hand, and encourage each other to reach goals.  Greed and money will say nothing of you when you leave this world.  However, movements will leave a legacy.  Be a legacy, be a warrior, be one who empowers, be the type of person who takes off their crown and crowns the woman who was told she would never be queen. – Sthefanie

Christiana Bowles Photography

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