The Rebellion.


I have always felt I was born to lead a wild rebellion.  As a child I wasn’t quite sure what that looked like so I did everything anyone told me not to do.  As an adult that has turned into fuel to ignite my fire of my pursuit towards my purpose.  When I hear the words she can’t do that; I hear, “She is so going to do that”.  Rebellion has lived in me since birth but it wasn’t until recently I understood what that meant.  Today my rebellion is love.  In a world that is so consumed in division, I have become so consumed in loving people.  I have found a rebellion in empowering women when the world tells me I should tear them apart.  Don’t misunderstand me though; I’ve been a mean girl most of my life.  God looked at the saints and was like WATCH THIS when He transformed me.

I have overcome addiction, homelessness, abuse, and trafficking.  I am a believer, a wife, a boy mom and a business owner.  I’m a tattoo collecting, sometimes bad word slipping (sorry babe), unicorn hair rocking warrior with conservative views.  I’m a wild spirit and my humor is questionable.

So tonight begins a journey into the reality of being a woman in today’s society.  A journey into talking about farts with my wild things.  A dive into what empowering women looks like to me.  A guide to encouragement for my entrepreneurial sisters. A story of how I have overcome demons.  A testimony of why God is so rad.  The bad days with anxiety and depression.  The joyful tears of marriage.  If you’re here to read about a perfect life or how to have a perfect life, you’re in the wrong place.  Let’s take this journey together.  A journey into the rebellion.

I am my own muse, the subject I know best – Frida Kahlo


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