I met the amazing Kristy Hill like I met so many of my entrepreneur friends; at a vendor event!  I signed up for an event at the Baylor Club in Waco, Texas.  Little did I know that this is kind of a snazzy joint.  So as I was sweating and hauling my Black Daisy Boutique goodness up and down that elevator to set up my booth I noticed the people next to me seemed to have their life a little more together.  I was probably in sweat pants and a t-shirt because setting up booths is a workout! I can literally hear Richard Simmons every time I set up a booth.  You don’t know who that is?  Well either I’m old or you’ve been under a rock! Sorry squirrel moment.I watched Kristy as she meticulously placed every single item of hers as so.  I watched her change her displays over and over again until she was completely satisfied.  I on the other hand was slinging stuff because my main objective was more like HOW CAN I MAKE THIS CRAP FIT!  I drive a 4-door sedan so there’s no glorious display for The Black Daisy ever.  I make up for the lack of amazing displays with my crazy Rainbow Bright personality.  Or at least that’s what I like to tell myself.  Don’t crush my dreams.

We quickly started up a conversation and she could never get rid of me after that.  I’ve watched her open her GORGEOUS storefront and although she’s been around for a while in the business world I’m still so proud of her.  Meet Kristy ya’ll… she’s a peach!

Why did you choose your boutique name and what does it mean to you?

I chose my name because I was sharing space at Spice Village with a friend. We wanted our stuff to compliment each other. A hinge is two pieces working together.

What is your purpose as a business owner?

My purpose as a business owner is to provide a unique shopping experience to my customers. I want to have a business I can be proud of and that people will remember. I have always dreamed of having my own business so for me that is a dream come true. I have worked hard to get here and couldn’t be more proud.

What is the biggest misconception customers have about you as a boutique owner?

Most common misconception people have of me as a boutique owner is I would say they probably think it’s easy. I think people in general think having your own business would be the best thing ever and easy! I love what I do but it is tough!

When you hear the words “empowering women” what does that mean to you? And do you feel you play a role in it?

“Empowering women” in my opinion is vital to our future! I want my daughter to feel she can do anything she puts her mind to. I feel women have worked their asses off in history to get us to where we are today! I appreciate everything they have done for us. Women as business owners are just down right tough and tenacious. Really though rather you are a man or a woman being successful starts with our attitudes and our willingness to work hard.

Anything else you want people to know about you and your boutique?

I have been around clothing shops as far back as I can remember. My grandmother had worked in them since she started working. I grew up around dress shops and learned the ins and outs from her. Also we had a shopping addiction! She passed away a few years ago but I hope she would have been very proud of Hinge!
Keep up with Hinge here:

1518 Austin Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701
Kristy, thank you for your friendship and for being part of this series!  

Website: http://www.hingewaco.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hingewaco

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hingewaco

Main photo: Christiana Bowles Photography

The Whistlin’ Willow


Do you know that girl you see from a distance and you’re instantly catching yourself admiring how radiant she is? And then at the same time you automatically don’t even like her because of how beautiful she is? Yeah me neither; never felt that way in my life.

Except this one time I was doing an event with The Black Daisy and I see this tiny and gorgeous girl walk by. She was wearing bell bottoms and a big floppy hat with free-spirited boho jewelry and I thought to myself; yassss girl! It’s not every day you find someone who has a wild spirit fashion sense in this town so I was immediately drawn to her.

I walked over to her booth and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And then for half a second I almost got intimidated but I remembered I’m a G and G’s are thugs. And thugs don’t get intimidated. Throughout the last couple of years I can confidently say that Becca is one of the most beautiful women I know inside and out. Here’s some of her beautiful mind at work.

Why did you choose your boutique name and what does it mean to you?

The Willow tree is a very strong, fast-growing tree. It can withstand many conditions. Within a matter of time, it is fully grown and beautiful standing tall in the world. It goes with the flow of the wind. I like to think of our mission as a brand is to empower each other and build each other up to withstand any obstacle thrown our way. Standing tall, growing quickly and being confident in who we are.

What is your purpose as a business owner?

I love seeing ladies stepping out of their comfort zones and being confident while doing it. I have so many ladies who are “too old,” “too fat,” “too pale,” (the list could go on forever) to wear what they want. Scared to even try something on because someone may see an imperfection in them. I’m here to build your confidence in trying something new. Even if you don’t like, you at least tried.

What is the biggest misconception customers have about you as a boutique owner?

Customers forget that I work with all shapes and sizes. They think that because I am a 25-year-old size 2 that I can’t help. I’ve heard all the excuses as to why they can’t shop with me without them actually trying. This makes ladies trusting me to dress them all the more special to me.

When you hear the words “empowering women” what does that mean to you? And do you feel you play a role in it? 

Empowering women means showing them that they are more than the thoughts they may have about themselves. They are not their imperfections. They are not their stretch marks, big hips, or even their “flabby” arms. Letting those thoughts consume you is exhausting, and not everyone is going to see you the way you do. I’m here to remind them of that. I’m here to remind them that they are not their thoughts. Shopping should be fun.

Become part of The Whistlin’ Willow’s Clique:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thewhistlinwillow

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thewhistlinwillow

Website: http://www.thewhistlinwillow.com

You can visit them at:

222 North Main

West, Texas 76691


Becca; thank you for being my go to vent sister and saying yes to this crazy blogging adventure. I admire you more than you know!

Main picture: http://www.instagram.com/christianabowlesphotography



Lemon Grove Boutique


When I first started The Black Daisy Boutique I worked tons of vendor events where I would set up a booth with clothing to try to grow my business.  A lot of times I spent a lot more time googling things like, “Does la llorona steal children over the age of 15″ and “How do I lighten my armpits with a home remedy” than I did actually selling clothes.  One of my favorite things about doing events was getting to meet other entrepreneurs.  Most of the time the other entrepreneurs at these events were women and there was never a day that I didn’t feel in my element.

That’s how I met my very first boutique sister; Ragen Polansky.  From my booth I saw a spunky redhead with gorgeous blue eyes and her laughter literally was the first thing that made me notice her.  Being the girl that I am I walked over to her and the rest is history!  We have done many events together, shared some wine, butted heads, tried failed business ventures, and most importantly we have created a boutique sisterhood where we do the dang thing together.  We have watched each other’s boutiques grow and I would love for you to love her the way I love chips and queso.  A lot; that means a lot. Here’s a little about the woman behind The Lemon Grove Boutique!

Why did you choose your boutique name and what does it mean to you?

I chose my name based on the lemon groves in Sorrento, Italy.  My husband and I honeymooned there, and inside of those huge lemon groves, it is like a different world where everything seems a little more beautiful. It really was paradise to me!

What is your purpose as a business owner?
My goal as a business owner is to design my own life and live by my own rules. I also want to focus on supporting the community that supports me.

What is the most common misconception people have of you as a boutique owner? That it’s easy! Building a boutique is like an iceberg. People only see that you post cute clothes on Facebook, but they don’t see all the behind the scenes work that goes along with it.

When you hear the words “empowering women” what does that mean to you? And do you feel you play a role in that?
Empowering women means to lift them up instead of putting them down like so many women do. Women have enough ground to make up in life without other women knocking them down too. At the end of the day, it’s all about just being kind. While I always make an effort to be kind to people, I sometimes forget that what I do empowers women. That seems like such a bold statement to make about myself. But then a woman will tell me just how much they needed that good outfit to help them get over a break up, or to raise their self-esteem, or make them feel like themselves after having a baby… and I realize that in my own small way, I am empowering women.

Anything else you want people to know about you and your boutique?
Lemon Grove Boutique is all about the hard-working, girl bossing, wine drinking woman. We work hard, have fun, and try to do our part to make the world a little brighter.

Become part of Lemon Grove’s Possee!
You can also find her at The Vibe in Mcgregor, Texas!
Website: www.lemongroveboutique.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lemongroveboutique
Facebook VIP: www.facebook.com/groups/lemongrovevip
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lemongroveboutique

41741978_223808638493631_6697804225969127424_nRagen; thank you for being part of this series!  You are my favorite red head and I hope the world can gain something good from your words!

Main photo of Ragen:

Christiana Bowles Photography 

Girl Gang

Girl Gang
Community over competition.

The words girl gang resonates something in me that makes me want to shout, “You Can’t Sit With Us!”  It’s no secret that being a mean girl was something I was really good at.  A few years ago I received a private message from someone I was not very nice to in High School and they were very blunt.  They said that it was really hard for them to watch me grow into this happy successful person because I was such a horrible person in my teenage years.  I cried as I read that because I never realized how deeply being unkind to someone over 20 years ago affected their self-image.  That was a pivotal moment in my life where I decided that being a mean girl was not what I was made for.  I was made for so much more.

When I began my business as the owner of The Black Daisy Boutique I knew that I wanted it to be different from anything I’ve ever done before.  Little did I know that God would turn my business venture into my ministry.  I love finding rad fashion for our customers but most importantly I love building relationships with people who walk through my door.  From very early on I set out to empower women through my boutique.  I had no idea what that even meant or how I would set out to do that but I knew that I had just walked into my purpose.

I so deeply wanted to write about other boutique owners and their stories.  Who they are and why they are.  I had a crazy idea to have a photo shoot with other owners local to me here in Waco, Texas.  Why would a boutique owner take away focus from her own boutique to talk about other boutiques?  Because that’s what empowering women looks like to me.  In my mind it was so uncomfortable for me to ask other boutique owners if they would be willing to be featured in my non-existent blog.  I am not a woman who shies away or gets uncomfortable.  I am a I GOT THIS woman with a fierce drive.  Still I thought, why would anyone ever say yes? When I reached out to some of my favorite boss babes they chest bumped me and made up rap songs about how gangster my idea was.  Totally not true, but it sounded cool huh?

I am thrilled to share their stories and businesses with you.  I want to hold other women on a pedestal because this isn’t about me.  This should never be about me.  This is about the beautiful warriors that surround me and have made something out of nothing.  Have made their own YES when the world has said NO.  Stay tuned for a series of boutique owners that I admire and that are total bad a** boss babes.

I dream of a world where community supersedes competition.  Where women thrive together, hand in hand, and encourage each other to reach goals.  Greed and money will say nothing of you when you leave this world.  However, movements will leave a legacy.  Be a legacy, be a warrior, be one who empowers, be the type of person who takes off their crown and crowns the woman who was told she would never be queen. – Sthefanie

Christiana Bowles Photography

The Rebellion.


I have always felt I was born to lead a wild rebellion.  As a child I wasn’t quite sure what that looked like so I did everything anyone told me not to do.  As an adult that has turned into fuel to ignite my fire of my pursuit towards my purpose.  When I hear the words she can’t do that; I hear, “She is so going to do that”.  Rebellion has lived in me since birth but it wasn’t until recently I understood what that meant.  Today my rebellion is love.  In a world that is so consumed in division, I have become so consumed in loving people.  I have found a rebellion in empowering women when the world tells me I should tear them apart.  Don’t misunderstand me though; I’ve been a mean girl most of my life.  God looked at the saints and was like WATCH THIS when He transformed me.

I have overcome addiction, homelessness, abuse, and trafficking.  I am a believer, a wife, a boy mom and a business owner.  I’m a tattoo collecting, sometimes bad word slipping (sorry babe), unicorn hair rocking warrior with conservative views.  I’m a wild spirit and my humor is questionable.

So tonight begins a journey into the reality of being a woman in today’s society.  A journey into talking about farts with my wild things.  A dive into what empowering women looks like to me.  A guide to encouragement for my entrepreneurial sisters. A story of how I have overcome demons.  A testimony of why God is so rad.  The bad days with anxiety and depression.  The joyful tears of marriage.  If you’re here to read about a perfect life or how to have a perfect life, you’re in the wrong place.  Let’s take this journey together.  A journey into the rebellion.

I am my own muse, the subject I know best – Frida Kahlo